Monday, 8 July 2013

Day -1

So it begins. Our brave adventurers head as far north as possible, with the sole intention of going south again. Barmy Blue and Crazy Kate prepare for the biggest challenge of their lives with a tent and the absolute essentials... One change of clothes, twenty seven cans of spray-on tan, and a pull-along cart with the 57 maps in. No food, but they're confident that they can smile at the locals and get fed. Scotland seems much cooler than the 30 degrees they left behind in London and they are relieved. They cannot understand a word the locals are saying, but they decide to smile and nod their heads. Nobody warned them about those blasted insects, but they don't care - that won't last for long. They have their ipods to play Beyonce if spirits dip, which of course is very unlikely. They're raring to go at 9am tomorrow. They just need to find a five star hotel in Wick for one last night of luxury before going "back to nature" for 7 weeks. The world holds its collective breath and wishes them good luck... Have fun, take care, stay safe.

A kind start to my blog, gifted by Adrian. Thank you!

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