Monday, 15 July 2013

Day 4; Heatwave.

Day 4, we left Brora and headed south for 26 miles. The A9 is Scotland's version of the M25 yet it's a single road with very few cars and its surrounded by pretty views of the Scottish Highlands (which are now becoming the norm), however following this one road for a full marathon is a little repetitive, so to keep up the high spirits I continued to wave at everyone that past, whilst grinning to myself. With my knees still playing up, I took to running down the hills today - much more exciting it turns out!

Today I listened to my ipod and I was amazed by the power of music, it lifted my day completely - although it is a little odd listening to the Arctic Monkeys in the country side - as I sung aloud, the miles seemed to fly by. The highlight of my day was a three year old boy running out to his garden to give me a daisy, and then waving good bye as we continued - cutie! 

We reached the end of our walk on a beautiful loch, and we pitched our tent as the sun begun to set. I managed to call home too which was the icing on the cake for me, and then I met an Aussie family, we chit chatted about Aussie life; now the cherry was on top. What an amazing day.

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