Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Day 14; Family.

Maggie, our B&B owner made us a healthy continental breakfast to get our day off to a good start. Today we walked through Glasgow - our first city. It has cobbled streets with shops that line both sides amongst pretty, historic, tall buildings that showed some Scotish culture. In all honesty, we wouldn't rush back there. The skies were blue once again and after eating our lunch on the edge of a dual carriageway in the only shade we could find, we went on for our final 8 miles to Strathaven. The excitement begun to rise as we knew my sister Cheryl and brother Jc were meeting us at the end of the day, in our best hotel of the trip.

It was enough motivation to finish our day in record time; 18:30. We had now walked 300 miles to date. We were staying at the Best Western, where they had so kindly given our room to us free (£110 free!) AMAZING! I was so happy to see both of them, so happy! 

They showed us to our room - they were opposite us. They had brought us every luxury we could ever possibly want; face masks, body scrubs, dresses to wear to dinner, my laptop, and of course, hair wax - it was a completely unexpected but appreciated surprise! As we pampered / removed the faint scent of trecking from ourselves, we were shown our fridge - full of chocolate, lemon cheesecake (my favourite) and Jager - how did they know!? I also had flowers delivered to me as a surprise from a good friend - the sweetest thing! (Thank you!) My sister (Precious) had also made me a video from my family all wishing me good luck - it was so so lovely (Chunk that was so sweet, thank you!) 

We had dinner outside in the gardens of the hotel, it was Jager O'clock. We finished the night in our room with cups of hot chocolate cuddling under the duvets - for me, it had been the loveliest evening of the trip so far - and was every bit of motivation and encouragement that I needed to keep going to the finish line. My family are amazing, thank you all of you for your support!

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