Saturday, 20 July 2013

Day 11; Butterflies.

We woke at 7am, still raining, we power walked back on to the West Highland Way and were heading for the Bridge of Orkney. Once the clouds passed we were left with clear blue skies, and the sunshine returned once more; the magical part of this time of day is when the butterflies come out - hundreds of them. 

We passed Mount Black; where near the top we could see for miles - it was stunning. This area is famous for mountain climbers especially in the winter season - but on a summers day it is just as beautiful. We made it to Tyndrum, our final stop by a delightful 7pm, the sun was still up, so me and Kate for once had a few hours to do what we wanted. I wrote to a good friend, dinner, and then called home. Final word, I lost both my little toe nails today. (sorry mum for sharing that).

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