Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Day 9; A&E.

We woke at a delightful 9am, and slowly strolled down the corridor to breakfast at half past, it was bliss! Linda and Scott came in for a chat, 3 hours later we left the breakfast table (Linda is like me when it comes to talking) and Scott drove me and Kate to A&E. We waited for three hours and both left with antibiotics, pain killers, anti-inflamatories and dressing for our feet. My little toe was infected but the nurse assured me the pain should be gone in 7 days - hooray! While Kate's ankle had ballooned with her tendonitous on her achilles - what a pair!

We hobbled our way in to town, completed a list of essentials that Kate had so well organised, grabbed some dinner in a funny pub which reminded me of somewhere on the Austrian slopes - stuffed animals on the walls, a dingy gloomy look to the decor and people that looked in a time warp with puffed jackets and walking boots on (remembering Ben Nevis looked down over this bleak Scotish town). 

After our short walk we returned to the B&B where we enjoyed home baked shortbread with a cup of tea while sitting on our perfectly white bed. This was the best 24 hours so far - we love rest days! As our feet gradually puffed up in front of us, we decided it was bedtime, finding our comforting pillow once again. Lights off.

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