Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Day 16; Thunder.

Apparently we had won the battle as we woke at 7:30, no rain yet but the midges were still lurking. We drove in to town to get tea and breakfast - cheese and ham rolls, kindly handmade by Cheryl on a pub bench. As the sky turned dark we knew rain was coming soon, we headed out of the hilly (and what seemed) the middle of no where, to a bigger road. In to our waterproofs, and the heavens opened.

Thunder and lightening was happening all around us, and the rain was so heavy cars couldn't see the cars in front - and there was me and Kate, walking. Almost soaked through to the bone we marched on right through 'til lunch time, we had covered 17 miles already, only 8 to go. We stopped in a cafe and enjoyed hot chocolate with whipped cream and then sat in the bus stop to eat our lunch. We finished in Auldgirth where we met Jc and Cheryl, put our tents up and relaxed outside with Rosé in yogurt pots (glasses are a luxury it turns out).

We headed out for dinner; in an 18th century castle, looking over a lake where flyfishing was the popular past time. Venison sausages with mash followed by bread & butter pudding. The food was delicious, and we enjoyed every moment as we realised it would be in the top few meals of our whole trip. Rolling ourselves out to the car was a struggle and we soon crashed in our tents - which Cheryl had so beautifully decorated with fairy lights! It had been such a lovely evening and perfect end to the day - thank you Cheryl and Jc for making it so wonderful!

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