Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Day 2; Buttercups.

We rose at 6:40, in time to enjoy the luxury of another hot shower - with complimentary soap. After packing our bags we headed for breakfast; porridge (which I can confirm paleo has completely put me off), followed by sausages, bacon, mushrooms and beans, with orange juice and tea! Now slightly unable to move, we throw our bags on our backs and off we go.

The sun is hot today, and the breeze is non-existent, making our first slog rather toasty. The roads were lined with buttercups, which looked beautiful in the sunshine - and they reminded me of my parents. Now smiling to myself, we continued on. By 10:25 we had reached the 6 mile check point and we paused for our first break. So far no niggles or pains.

8 minutes later and we're off again, or so I had hoped - only problem was my feet weren't following the instructions my brain was feeding them. Wobbling for the first 20 metres, I decided to drop back and attempt to regain my normal walking stride. It wasn't happening. As Kate pulled away and now seemed a small figure in the distance it was time for a change of mind set. What better cure than a bit of George Michael!? I couldn't see anybody or anything (other than trees) for miles, so I was quite confident my singing wouldn't disturb the locals, so off I went, one song after another, before I knew it I was back with Kate and now overtaking. This road was twelve miles long, I made it through his CD from memory before we made it to the end. (I'm considering I may need to get out more.)

The roads were mainly long heather with tall, dark green, dense conifers in the background. Occasionally we would see a stray sheep, but even they were few and far between. Lunch stop was at 1:40, 14 miles completed, and 13 miles to go along another very straight road. But this time our feet were so sore that just 15 minutes release from our boots was a huge treat. Lunch didn't last long and then we headed left on a slightly busier road for the remaining 13 miles. Today I learnt that uphill walking is my forte, I love it! And I was in luck these roads went up, and up, and up. We climbed to 120m above sea level and then wound down the country lane, with mountains off in the distance collecting fog, while a rainbow appeared across the sea. It was truly beautiful!

We had reached our desitination and decided to hitchhike (Mum, shut your ears!) to the camp site. A lovely man call Carl (ironically) gave us a lift, the first car we had tried - we then explained we would have to hitch hike back in the morning to start from where he had picked us up from - he seemed slightly shocked by the whole idea. After half an hour we had our tent up and dinner was cooking - Lancashire hotpot and cous cous - what culinary delights! It was pleasant to have a warm shower and then wrap up under our sleeping bags - which is where I am now. Now sleepy time has arrived, finally. Night.

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