Monday, 15 July 2013

Day 5; Exhaustion.

30 miles down to Dingwall. We had crossed the 100 mile milestone in the early morning which pushed us on, but being 25 degrees with no breeze and following a 12 mile incline, it was a tough start to the day.

Lunchtime called after 15 miles and ice cream was our treat as we had reached a small form of civilisation. Blisters continued to appear on our tender feet, both up to about 11 each - more Compede would be needed soon! The next 6 miles were wonderful, we talked about nonsense as we found ourselves back on the A9 again, we quickly forgot about our pains and aches as we got lost in conversation. As the sun began to haze over, the heat became more bearable - unfortunately we had both slightly burnt by this time - but nothing quite prepared us for the final 3 miles of the day.

As the town was in sight, it felt like the never ending road, the painkillers were wearing off and our sugar levels were dropping, Kate had been sick twice and I had almost passed out, just from heat exhaustion. We hobbled on but the pain got worse, by the time we had reached our camp I could barely stand. 

Tears were drying on my sun touched cheeks and my knees were ready to give way. A kind man showed us to our pitch, and a sweet lady made me and Kate a cup of tea and gave us a KitKat each. It reminded us of why we were doing this as we both laid there on the grass unwilling to move - and it made every second of pain completly worth it. I was proud of both of us.

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