Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Day 7; Nessy.

After a yummy cooked breakfast at our B&B, we were heading for the 'Great Glen Way', 26 miles ahead of us and we had been warned of the hills for today. The first 200m were slow and I started to question how it would be possible to walk the full distance. Although I knew I would, I didn't know how. We were first welcomed on to the national footpath by a 2 mile incline at 19%, exciting for me, not so great for Kate and her achilles. The heat was dry today as it reached around 24 degrees in the early afternoon, making the hills a little more challenging. We walked along the Loch Ness today, which was much bigger than I had imagined. The clear blue sky gave amazing views across the Loch, which stretched for further than the eye could see.

After 7 hours without breaking we had reached the first road, we had done 20 miles and lunch time was calling. Feeling pleased with our progress we quickly powered through the final leg of the day and camped at Invergary where the owners kindly donated our tent pitch. Dinner was sausage and beans, I then called home, 2 and a half hours later (and they say I can talk!) I showered and then in to my sleeping bag. It had been a really good day, only problem was I couldn't sleep as my little toe decided it wanted its own pulse, and refused to have the sleeping bag around it, so I had to sleep out of the covers. 4am came and went, it was now raining outside. The joys of British weather. Still, another day down, 42 to go.

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