Thursday, 18 July 2013

Day 10; Mountains.

We woke at 7:45 and after a delightful breakfast we packed our bags and said goodbye to our guardian angels, Linda and Scott (they couldn't have done more for us - and we were so grateful). Today we were walking along the West Highland way heading to Kingshead. We began by crossing Ben Nevis, climbing 580m high in to the clouds. It was stunning! I had been looking forward to this day from the very beginning, and it didn't disappoint. We were walking in a valley for most of the day, surrounded by high mountain edges covered in fresh green foliage, and their tops were hiding amongst the clouds that would visit us later on that day.

The best news, my feet no longer had their own pulse! I can't tell you how nice it was to walk without my feet throbbing - it makes such a difference to your day. I was feeling on top of the world; it was the best day of walking (pain wise) since day 2... finally! After lunch we climbed 5 miles up the next mountain - this was a fun challenge and the views that greeted us at the top were more than worth it. The nicest thing about this walk is lots of people walk it, so you get to meet other crazy walkers (it's nice to know we're not alone). Problem is with mountains, when you go up, you've got to come down (yes mum, you were right). We staggered down Devils Steps for 2 miles until we reached sea level again. The cloud cover was low and the sun was not to be seen, as we walked on through the rain we finished our mileage and pitched up next to a slow flowing river.

Our first night of wild camping - exciting! The midges were out in strong force and both Kate and I almost got eaten alive... but we survived long enough to make it to the pub across the river. Just a lemonade for us - got to take this walking seriously you know (Kate keeps telling me). Now into my snug sleeping bag, toes are happy to be in there too - thank goodness. Now I can sleep with one very happy smile. Night.    

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