Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Day 15; Circles.

After a night of playing on my laptop it felt like an early rise at 7:15, breakfast meet was at 8am, sharp. After trying black pudding and square sausages (a Scottish tradition apparently) we were off and heading for Leadhills. Jc joined us for the first 5 miles, and with new company the miles flew by. Cheryl then caught up in the car, exchanged Jc for sausage sandwiches and me and Kate continued on our way.

Feeling positive about our good pace today, 9 miles in we were met with a stumble. We could see that the pathway that the map said to take in front of us, was actually no longer a footpath. So we came back on ourselves for 3 miles, and took a new root. Looking over the fields and seeing the point where we had just been was slightly disheartening but we continued. The next road had no public access, it wasn't our day. We turned around (3 miles back on ourselves once more) and found ourselves at the same junction for the 3rd time. We completed a detour of 10 miles and it was now 5pm without having stopped for a break - feeling low on sugar and ready to go on strike we continued until our miles were finished for the day, and then walked to the nearest town to find a pub on the river.

This we found, however the old men that come with it, we hadn't quite considered. They were spilling their words and were almost offended that me and Kate couldn't make any sense of their Scottish, drunken, slurred accents. However, we were sponsored £45 in that wierd and wonderful village; that we couldn't complain at. We met Jc and Cheryl in the town; after a wee drive around what felt like the whole of Scotland, we ended up at the original campsite, raced to get our tents up, cooked cous cous for dinner, while entering WW3 with the midgies, showered and crawled in to bed.

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