Friday, 2 August 2013

Day 18; Speedy

We woke at 7.45 and after breakfast we were set to go by 9. With Melinda walking with us we knew that our pace would be quicker today- a professional power walker would usually do the job. We sailed through the first 17 miles- which was all along one road with little to see other than fields of wheat and sweetcorn. 

Me and Kate stopped in an ice cream parlour along the way- delicious! We could see England as we walked towards Gretna, which gave an amazing feeling. For the first time, we stopped to have lunch in a cafe- time must have been on our side. 

The final 10 miles (still along the same long country road) were finished by 6pm- record timing- thanks Melinda! I enjoyed a bubbly bath and then we had dinner downstairs in our hotel. After handwashing my cloths I got in to my double bed and got ready for crossing into England tomorrow. 

400 miles complete today and our last night in Scotland. It has been amazing!

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