Friday, 2 August 2013

Day 21; Tiger

Rain. Rain. And more rain. It was pouring from the moment we woke, so we all rustled our way down to breakfast in our waterproofs. We headed off for Carnforth, 27 miles south. 

Passing Windermere Lake early morning as the mist lifted off the still water was beautiful. We walked along the tops of ridges, looking down on flat fields of yellow wheat and grazing fields of cows below. The sunlight was bright but the tall oak trees that lined the country road kept us shaded. 

My feet were tender and after lunch (17 miles in) I was slowing with the pain; time for pain killers and music for distraction. As if I had been told an Australia flight ticket was waiting on the finish line for me, I was off. Singing away along 10 miles of the A6, upsetting the odd cyclist with my tone deaf voice as they passed. 

As if it had only been a mile, we were at our hotel. In Melinda's words 'the dingiest, run down hotel' she had ever been in. It was quite something else. With polite signs above the toilet requesting that condoms aren't put down them, it was an interesting experience- all part of the fun. 

Dinner was kindly served in a different hotel- with sparkling wine to celebrate. 3 weeks complete, and Melinda had walked an amazing 100 miles in just four days. There was a lot to celebrate tonight! We were all feeling very proud of ourselves.

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