Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Day 30; Sprint

We woke at 7 as a 30 mile day loomed on us. 

Breakfast was super yummy, and with our bags packed we were ready to go. Cheryl started the day with us, walking 7 miles to Everjobb. Then it was Precious's turn; the scenery was beautiful, bold green hills and long stretches of barley layered the bottoms of valleys. 

What Precious wasn't so keen on was 'Mount Everest's sister' as she named it. The 350m incline that brought us to a stunning view point across Herefordshire and Powey (good job she didn't join us in Scotland for the highlands). 

We had our first break at 13 miles, Cheryl had brought us homemade cake/cheesecake as our treat- perfect! Cheryl then swapped back again with Precious for an 8 mile stint across the Herefordshire National Walkway. 

We met Walter the Whitney Bridge Troll and were bowled over by the generosity of the lady who keeps the bridge who sponsored us £50, amazing, thank you so much! 

We finally stopped for lunch after 21 miles (it was now 6pm) on someone's roadside lawn. Thank you! Still in good spirits Cheryl headed off with us again, and went on to walk with us until the end of our day, having completed 23 miles- congrats! 

The sunset was beautiful tonight and as I stopped to take a quick snap Kate had continued on. This is the moment I decided it would be a good idea to ask Cheryl to a race to Kate (now about 120m away). Although I was hobbling it was actually nice to do something other than walk for once, and it was nice to beat Cheryl in a sprint after walking 700 miles in a month!  

Once we were finished we went to a recommended Mexican restaurant. The food was exactly what we all needed. Finally we drove to our campsite and pitched our tent in the dark (10.30pm) and as keen tent putter uppers we were finished in record time. 

We said goodbye to my sisters and got ready for bed with anticipation for our next marathon tomorrow. It had been so lovely with Cheryl and Precious here, I didnt want them to leave!

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