Monday, 12 August 2013

Day 35; Blisters

We woke to our neighbour still snoring away... as he became the subject of topic we made for a polite departure. We met Adrian for breakfast at Cheddar Gorge and once finished Cheryl joined us for our first six miles. It went so quickly, the sun was glorious and although the roads didn't make for great conversation builders, we still saw some amazing things, including a snake! 

Hayley then swapped for her first six miles- and had been busy at the shops buying us all the treats we could have possibly dreamed of. We met Adrian in a pub (after Cheryl had dragged herself from Rich's Cider Farm) and then we said goodbye to him as he headed back to London. It had been so lovely to see him- thank you so much for visiting Adrian! 

Once we had completed 15 miles we stopped for lunch- a picnic on the grass that Hayley had prepared; amazing! We finished the day past Bridgwater, having enjoyed the sunshine that had been smiling all day and appreciating the breeze that came with it. 

However, the blisters on my feet were so large now that they were really starting to burn in my boots. Let's just say I was pleased to see our campsite! After pitching our tent we headed for dinner and although I won at rock paper scissors to pay the bill, Cheryl insisted on it being her treat- thankyou darling! 

We said goodbye to the girls, it had been so so lovely so see them both and get a chance to have girly chit chats and enjoy a corona or deseranno and coke every now and then. It was exciting to think that the next time I would see them both it would be on the finish line. Crazy!

In the darkness of the night in Somerset, I saw what I thought was a beautiful shooting star above me. Little did I know that it was the magical Perseids meteor shower, the shower of shooting stars which can be seen each year when the Earth passes through the debris of the Comet Swift-Tuttle. We're a little bit out of touch down here and away from all the news!

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