Friday, 2 August 2013

Day 19; England

In so much excitement to walk the first 400 yards to make it into England, we were up and leaving by 8.45, and although there was only a sign to greet us, it was enough. A full sense of achievement was felt and realisation that although we still had 4 weeks remaining, we were now 400 miles closer to home. 

After a full on photo shoot at the sign we continued on heading for Hesket New Market. Walking through the footpaths of the Lake District was amazing; mountains (tall hills) and farmland of grasses that had grown to hip height surrounded us, with no cars to break the silence. 

We arrived at Hesket New Market by 6pm; its a beautiful little village with grey stone cottages and boasts the only pub in the country to be funded by the villagers- for which they are paid in beer. We were staying in a lovely small hotel, and ate dinner in the pub- which also happens to be the only restaurant in the village (served by a very handsome young chap). 

By the end of the night I found myself in the middle of a field trying to find signal to phone home- the whole place was just lovely. Welcome home!

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