Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Day 29; Wales

After a night of stormy rain i.e. no sleep, both I and Kate were happy to leave our soggy tent and set off. The four of us had breakfast in the small village cafe; it had a bakery on site which I was rather excited by! 

We started in the rain (we were getting used to this) walking along hilly roads and muddy footpaths. Cheryl and Precious passed us en route with special treats to keep us going- the professional support team had arrived! 

We were walking 27 miles to Knucklas, from England into Wales- I was so excited to see the 'Welcome' sign. Cheryl joined us for our final 7 mile leg from the picturesque village of Clun, which meant rather than taking in any of the scenery or map directions, we just talked. Continuously, for 2 hours. 

That was until the rain came. I loved it- Cheryl wasn't so keen, even in her new set of 'gimp' waterproofs. We finished our walk in good time which left time to get a pic or ten at the 'Welcome to Wales' sign- thankfully the summer monsoon had stopped by then. 

We stayed at a lovely B&B/ pub hotel, called the Castle Inn, where everyone was so kind and smiley. The lady owner tumble dried our clothes for us and gave us heaters to dry our boots. Dinner was just gorgeous! It had been such a lovely day, and I was so happy that I could share it with Cheryl and Precious.

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