Sunday, 18 August 2013

Day 41; Home

The kids woke us at 7.30 which was a surprisingly pleasant alarm- it makes a change to our usual dingalingaling. Next it was our turn to take parent roles and take the three girls to the bathroom for their morning ablutions- now, well out of my comfort zone, Kate was in her element- as they held her hand in a big sister kinda way. 

Breakfast was served, lunches prepared, then Tabitha joined us for the 12 mile coastal path hike. The heavens opened, and unfortunately didn't close again until the later hours of the evening. Although this made for dramatic scenery as the skies got darker and the waves got bigger; the three of us were soaked through. Again. What happened to our British summer!? 

As Tabitha kept our spirits high we trailed along up the steepest of hills- and of course back down them. Along sandy beaches- which was a first, and through small villages where the locals looked on as if we were mad... as I was still in shorts I couldn't really blame them. We reached our campsite by 4.30 pitched our tent in the pouring rain and then walked an extra 3 miles in to Boscastle as it was the nearest bus stop to send Tabitha back to Bude on. 

Boscastle is a beautiful small village, set down the middle of a cliff valley, filled with small tea shops and farmers pubs. Having been here after the land slide they experienced here eight years ago, it was amazing to see how they had restored it and managed to keep the traditional look of its countryside village. We sat down for hot chocolate & whipped cream, simply just for the heat. 

Once I stood, I left a small puddle on the chair from my dripping clothes. I needed to go in a tumble dryer. We enjoyed dinner together and then said goodbye to Tabitha once her bus arrived to take her back to her family (which only runs 4x a day!). Kate and I meandered back to our campsite via a cup of tea and another hot chocolate. Still freezing we could only hope for warm showers at the campsite. 

On our walk back up the 20% gradient hill which took us 35 minutes to climb, now shivering, all I could think about was home. And how much I missed it. It was all the small things that I missed, my pillow and teddy 'Dad', my Mum's cuddles, the comfort of a hoody and socks to walk around the house in. My best friends, and family. 

In just 7 days I get to see my mum as we cross the finish line and in just 10 days I get to go home. I've never been so excited to return back to 'normal' life, ever. It was a nice feeling knowing I had learnt to appreciate that though. Even if it had taken 1000 miles of walking across the country. P.s. incase you were wondering, Kate is still snoring next to me... some things never change.

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