Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Day 31; Birthdays

We rose at 7am and begun our journey in the hazed sunshine; over 350m inclines over the hills, down through more beautiful valleys and today, across rather fast flowing/deep streams. Walking through the Brecon Beacon National Park, the sights were stunning. 

We paused in a small village (which I won't even begin to attempt to pronounce) which was like stepping back in time. They had plaques up on the stoned walls for the toll that were once used in the 15th century. The streets were cobbled and filled with small boutique type shops and bakeries. We stopped in a quaint little pub (dont panic, just for a cola!) and we met a lady celebrating her 90th Birthday. She was so sweet, she sponsored us. 

We finished out walk at Pont Kemies, pitched our tent and walked a mile to the nearest restaurant (making our day 28 miles by the end). Our dinner was really delicious and the owners kindly sponsored both I and Kate £10 online. 

We both called home on our 25 minute walk back to our tent which as always, was lovely. Shame to come home to 2 new blisters though. Never mind. Tomorrow is a big milestone day so I was off to bed before I could worry about it.

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