Monday, 12 August 2013

Day 33; Happiness

We woke at 7 and headed to the Costa at the services for breakfast- a pot of tea, yes please! Today was such an exciting day, Adrian (one of my personal training clients and good friend) was heading to Bristol to see me and Kate for two days, and my sisters Cheryl and Hayley were heading down in the evening. 

The local postman drove past us in the morning and questioning if I had conditioned myself I couldn't help but think he was gorgeous! I later confessed this to Kate and she confirmed she had also had similar thoughts; clearly the talent was hiding in the country lanes of the West Country. Or in the pubs, as later on a very handsome young chap brought me and Kate a drink to congratulate us on our challenge. We were starting to like Exmoor! The Bristol balloon festival was on this weekend, so as we were walking we got to see the Red Arrow display- I love them, and it was amazing to see them whilst surrounded by sheep on a big hill in the middle of what felt like was no where.

Me & Kate started walking along the River Severn; the fields were filled with horses and cows- today I have officially learnt that I don't like farm animals- from a distance and close up- if they are bigger than me, I want a barbed wire fence between me and it! But as Kate tried to calm me down through the acres of marsh fields, I could see it would be a 6 mile+ detour to avoid such obstacles. Darn it. 

Adrian met us at one where he so kindly took our heavy rucksacks and swapped them for the cutest little day rucksacks, filled with chocolate and orange juice- he had all the essentials covered! 

We continued on, crossing dual carriage ways, fighting through endless pathways overgrown with stinging nettles and brambles, finding tunnels under roads that were shared with sewage pipes to find they had no exit and having to turn back on ourselves (again), and walking along motorways (and there was us thinking that was illegal- but no, its allowed in the West Country). 

We met Adrian for a quick drink around 5, another pot of tea on order, and then ate lunch as we walked. We finally finished our day in Cleeve, pitched our tent, showed and then the three of us went for dinner at a meze restaurant. The food was gorgeous and it was lovely to have company over dinner again. 

My sisters arrived around 10pm, hugging Hayley made my stomach do sumersaults- I had missed her so much! Now laying in my sleeping bag, with a pillow that Adrian had so kindly brought for us, listening to Kate snore (again) I can't help but smile. 

I've been onto Facebook and my Justgiving page and I've seen all the support from everyone at home; its so heart warming and encouraging to know that people care so much. Thank you to everyone for all of your support so far through our adventure, it means so much. 15 days to go!

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