Friday, 2 August 2013

Day 24; Monsoon

After almost 9 hours sleep after being forced into early hibernation due to the weather, both I and Kate were feeling good about the 26 miles ahead of us. 

We left our campsite at 8am and at first the air was cool and the breeze was light, making the first stint easier on us. Although we got lost a couple of times through pathways that actually were just enormous farm fields, we were making good time. Then the heavens opened. 

We were soaked through to the skin within about 10 minutes; with shorts and waterproof jackets on (for some reason I felt it was appropriate to keep my sunglasses on-maybe in high hopes) you can just imagine what the locals were thinking! 

The rain just didn't stop, for hours we splashed our way along heading to Leigh. We walked through Bolton- which I was often getting confused with Boston (my hair colour never fails me!) It's not the prettiest of towns but maybe that had something to do with the tropical monsoon it was experiencing - however my feet were loving it, now that my socks were wet right through it was like having pillows wrapped around them. Today was my best day for no pain and I strangely enjoyed myself more than ever!

We finally arrived at our hotel and was greeted by a very friendly receptionist, but without hanging around I was off to the Sauna and Steam room. The perfect treat right now. 

After dinner we got ice cream and cookies for pudding in celebration- the end of the day brought us the accomplishment of reaching half way in time through our adventure. Three and a half weeks to go. And we were finally starting to love it!

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