Friday, 16 August 2013

Day 39; Inspirational

Waking to our little treat to ourselves- hotel= pillows and dryness. Heaven. We had breakfast on our beds and then set off for Clovelly, leaving Exmoor behind into North Devon. We walked along the A39 for 18 miles today, its a long national speed limit road with no footpath- as you can imagine it was monotonous.  

We did finally see the sea though, having not seen it since Gretna- on the boarder of Scotland, three weeks ago, this made me very happy! We joined the West coastal path for the final stretch in to Clovelly. 

Clovelly is the only village in Britain where all the houses are owned by one family- and you can get donkey rides on the cobbled streets (if you would so desire). It's a beautiful quaint village where no cars are allowed, and you pay for the privilege of walking down it- unless like Kate and I you turn up at 6pm, then you get a free stroll. We checked in to our hotel/B&B and went for dinner across the road (literally). 

After calling home in the evening I got chatting (no shock there) to a handsome guy outside (dont panic he was on his honeymoon). After the 'small talk' stage, 90 minutes later, he had gone on to tell me how he had MS, and was disabled only three years ago but since has gone on to climb the three peaks of Britain. After talking about walking 1100 miles across the country I felt a little silly- this man was a true inspiration.

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