Saturday, 3 August 2013

Day 26; Pimms

We woke early and with only 15 miles to walk we were keen to treat it as a rest day. With our feet sore once again- with 4 new blisters now present, I'm up to 23! 

We slowly made our way across farmers fields heading to Crewe. We stopped in a small town for ice cream- and chuckled at how it wasn't even 1 o'clock yet and we had already gone over the RDA daily sugar intake. 

Finishing along a busy road Kate decided that as the cars could now drain out the sound, it was her chance to become Beyonce, Rihanna and Eminem (I trailed behind slowly keeping some necessary distance). 

We reached our hotel by 3pm, result! We were quick to make our selves at home; handwashed our clothes, aired our tent, belongings everywhere... within 5 minutes it looked as though we had lived there for 10 years. 

Kate decided to be a tourist for once and travel in to Crewe, leaving me behind to 'check emails' and call home/ order Pimms and lay outside in the sunshine (it was our 'rest day' after all). 

Kate returned from her travels with a bottle of sparkling wine (this is the moment I got caught with the Pimms, damn it!) So we headed in for dinner and enjoyed a quiet treat. 

Me and Kate spent dinner reminiscing about our adventure so far; our hardest mile/ day/ favourite day/ place. One thing we could agree on was although it had been an incredible experience, its not advised for the light hearted. Time for another glass of sparkling upstairs.

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