Friday, 2 August 2013

Day 25; Sting

After a filling breakfast we slipped on our soggy boots and left heading for Knutsford. Today we were happy to see the sun would be joining us once again. It turned out to be a scorcher!

As we walked through golden wheat fields that were waist high, followed rivers and canals and stumbled across families of tractors and working horse stables it was difficult to believe Manchester was only 30 minutes away.

While crossing one particular style from one farmers field to the next, a wasp inconvienently got trapped at the back of my knee, and as a thank you gift for the squash it stung me. My first ever wasp sting- and my golly do they sting! (I'm still moaning to Kate about it now).

By lunch time it had reached the hottest day in August in the last decade, so there was no surprise me and Kate found ourselves in a pub garden drinking Pimms (Kate said she's never seen me cross a road so fast in all my life) it was heavenly!

Such gorgeous weather- meaning our patch work of sock/shorts and t-shirt tan lines would only enhance. After an hour of pretending we were on a Mediterranean back packing holiday, we set off again.

We reached our campsite by 8pm, pitched, cooked, showered, bed. It had been such a good day- 600 miles completed to date. Only 500 to go now!

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