Friday, 9 August 2013

Day 32; Crossing

The alarm went off at 7, we followed our standard morning routine and set off for the River Severn crossing. Me and Kate had spoken about this day since day one. To us, crossing this bridge was the biggest milestone yet. We felt as though we were on the home straight once we were over it, and that we would practically be on a summer holiday from here on in (I think we were forgetting about the remaining 350 miles to walk). 

After a 6 mile incline over one of Wales beautiful hilltops we could see the bridge- it would be the only day we could see our finish line for that day from almost the start line. Excitement was rising! To add to a great day, finally the sunshine had made an appearance. 

There was one downfall of the day; both of our feet were in pain, and I felt as though I was slipping back in to what week 1 felt like- nothing that a double dose of paracetamol and hobbling can't sort (experience teaches you that). 

We paused in a small village on our way to Chapstow, where a pleasant geologist villager offered us tea and biscuits in the comfort of his living room; keen to push on we declined, but smiling, as we remembered all the people who had been so lovely and kind to us along our journey. 

We had planned to stop for lunch before the bridge but as restaurants seemed non existent here we ended up not stopping at all until we had 'reached our finally destination'. The bridge is a mile and three quarters long, so there was plenty of opportunity for photo shoots midway across and absorbing the moment and all the achievement that came with crossing it. 

We finished our day at 3.45- feeling happy with ourselves we booked in to our Travelodge and enjoyed a quick afternoon nap in the sunshine. One of Kate's friends from home, Lily, had driven to Bristol to meet us for dinner- such a sweetheart! 

We went to a quirky tapas bar in Bristol town centre and treated ourselves to a cocktail in celebration. It was so nice to have company where we talked about everything other than walking- both I and Kate were able to forget about the challenges that the next 16 days ahead held for us, and instead just acted as though we were 'normal' students again.

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