Sunday, 4 August 2013

Day 27; Friends

After a restless night in our hotel room/ sauna, me and Kate were up for breakfast and met Emily (a friend from our Uni class) and her mum Carol at 9am. They had so kindly brought us smaller day rucksacks with packed lunch for the day and took our heavy rucksacks into their red camper van in return. 

Emily, Kate and I set off with only 18.5 miles to walk. The first 10 miles passed in no time as we chit chatted away, and we took what felt like a well deserved break on the road side. After checking the maps and taking the glorious weather into account, we decided a pub garden must be waiting in the next town for us. After an hour and a half and 2 glasses of Pimms later we felt like we were on holiday! (again). 

We finished our day by 4pm in Whitchurch. We pitched our tent next to Emily and Carol's slightly unsubtle camper and continued to relax on the grass. Carol had made us lasagne for dinner- amazing! It was delicious! As the rain slowly crept up on us we migrated to the comfort of their home for the weekend- with tea and chocolate on demand what more could we wish for?

After learning a lot of interesting details about Emily and Carol slightly confused by my ditseyness we headed for bed. Back in the tent. We finish three weeks today, and with our hardest three days ahead of us we could only wish that they would feel as good as today.

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