Monday, 12 August 2013

Day 34; Tourists

Making our way to the local bakery at 9am for breakfast to be circled by hungry wasps who wanted our sausage sandwiches was just the start of what would be a delightful rest day. 8 miles to walk, bright clear blue skies, and my two sisters here, what more could I ask for!? Maybe a pot of tea? Banana milkshake? Ice cream? Yes I'll take it all, thank you. 

Hayley walked with us in the morning, it flew by as all we did was talk at each other for 3 hours... ignoring that her choice of shorts left a lot to be desired! 

Cheryl met us at Cheddar where we pitched our tent, made good use of the washing machine facilities and headed in to Cheddar Gorge to be tourists for the day. We met Adrian there for lunch; all in a line resting our feet and soaking up the sunshine on our patchwork tans. 

Me and the girls headed back to camp to catch the last rays, although after long debates, Cheryl drove me to Weston Super Mare A&E to have my new blisters checked out- as some had got worryingly large and others were sore/ red and questionably infected again. Joys. A&E failed to be of any use so we headed back to be in time for dinner. Hayley and Kate were outside in their sleeping bags, looking cosy and warm.  

We headed for dinner with Adrian at 8, enjoyed a lovely meal to the delightful treat of Hayley- thank you sweetheart! For four girls we were impressively all in bed by 11.30 avoiding talking our way through the night. 

This was until we realised our neighbour was the loudest snorer in Somerset and therefore we continued to giggle across our tents and discuss different tactics to make the poor man shut up before one of us polity sent a cricket bat in his direction (not that I ever condone violence!) Managing to avoid any further action on the man we all put our heads under our pillows and attempted to sleep. 2 weeks of our adventure left to go now!

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