Saturday, 24 August 2013

Day 47; Champagne

It was strange to wake up on our second to last day. This was our last day of 'long distance' walking- tomorrow was designed just to be fun- so it was the last day of challenging moments. I felt almost empty yet filled with adrenaline... but excited too knowing that all of my family were on their way to Lands End ready for tomorrow- I can't wait to see them! Anywhoo, with 18 miles to walk we left St Ives and were heading for Sennen. 

We walked along barren footpaths surrounded by absolutely nothing. Just marsh land, rock and of course, cows. The sea was calm as the air pressure was high and the cloud cover was low so we were often walking amongst the white shadows that covered the hill tops. 
We stopped in a pub at lunchtime; treating ourselves to a half pt. of Cornish Rattler, I was merry as anything afterwards. (I'm going to be a fresher all over again once we return to Uni). Bouncing along the coastal path we made it to St. Just, the last town of our entire journey. Kate and I decided to treat ourselves to a bottle of champagne and some of our favourite delights for dinner. 

Finishing the last three miles along Land's End airport, we finally had our finish line in sight. The famous lighthouse was flashing and we smiled gleamingly, knowing we only had 5 miles left. 
Once our tent was pitched I got to work on being 'Chef' for the night, sitting outside with the sun setting over the Atlantic sea and Land's End in view, Kate and I talked about our favourite times and what we had learnt throughout the trip, while our sausages gently cooked. 

We ate our picnic/feast in our tent, drinking champagne from juice bottles. We were both so excited to cross the finish line tomorrow and see our families. Finally, one day to go!

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