Friday, 23 August 2013

Day 46; Memories

Almost done with eating cooked breakfasts by now we ate our last one of the trip and headed on our way to St. Ives. The skies were already blue and the wind was soft- today was going to be a good day! 

We walked along the coastal path after crossing the River Hayle; everything around us was beautiful from the corn fields, to the white sandy beaches that stretched for miles. The sunshine made you feel as though you were in the Mediterranean somewhere- perfect, this meant we could top up those dodgy tan lines just before the end. 

I knew this area well as I came here a lot with my family as a kid, it was strange to now be choosing to walk the same footpath ten years later, but now by my own choice. We made it to St. Ives by 1.30 where we got a Cornish ice cream and pasty. 

St. Ives has a quaint harbour surrounded by ice cream parlours, restaurants and small surfey type shops, however it I also one of the biggest tourist attraction towns in the while of Cornwall. It was heaving. Chris, Kate and I left the buzzingness of the town to pitch our tent and say goodbye to Chris (until the finish line in two days time). It was so lovely to have him here and to share the experience with him, thank you Chris! 

I headed back to St. Ives on the local bus leaving Kate to 'wash her hair'. I met Cheryl and Jc there which was really lovely as it meant we could properly catch up- with an ice cream. Once Kate joined us we all went for a drink on the harbours edge before Kate and I went for dinner. 

Dinner was gorgeous! Local mussels caught that morning. The moon was amazing this evening, it was enormous and sat right on the horizon central to the harbour; it glowed bright orange as the sun reflected off of it. 
One we got back to our campsite Cheryl and Jc had decorated our tent with fairy lights and spelt out 'home' in the grass with twinkle lights. The cutest thing- thank you! 
Just two days to go.

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