Friday, 2 August 2013

Day 22; Sunbathing

We said goodbye to Melinda at the station and set off. It was rest day 3, only 12 miles to complete- this was going to be heaven! We walked through Lancaster City, where there is a striking castle that sits on the outskirts near the river, as well as a cathedral and two churches; all of which can be seen as you walk towards the city centre. Otherwise it was a quiet city with shops,few restaurants, but crammed with tea shops- my favourite! 

As we left the city behind we walked into rural land again where the hills only rolled on to the next, and the sheep were free to wander wherever they wished. Making good time (2pm) and with less than 2 miles to go we stopped to sunbathe on the verge of the small country lane -the sunshine was intermittent between the light clouds, but me and Kate waited on patiently. 

We arrived at our B&B, and it was wonderful. Reclining sofas each, fully equipped kitchen, enormous shower and a terrace with sunbeds and dining table all overlooking the gorgeous views of the hills. Melinda arrived back with her car, our tenting equipment and M&S prawn salad for dinner (superstar!).

Me and Kate then enjoyed our evening with our feet up, knowing we had completed 500 miles. A well deserved breather I feel.

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