Monday, 26 August 2013

Day 48; Dad

No alarms set. Just woke once the adrenaline got too high and the excitement set in. Today was the day we had been dreaming about for 7 weeks; the day it ended and we achieved what many thought would be impossible. Most excitingly for me, it was the day I get to see my family and hug my mum.

We packed our rucksacks and took our tent down for the last time. Showered. Grabbed breakfast and set off. With only 4.4 miles to walk to the finish line today would literally feel like a Sunday stroll. We could see our finish point from our campsite with the lighthouse in the distance. With butterflies in my stomach we walked on.

Half a mile to go- time for hair wax application. 200 meters to go- we could see our families in the distance, we had our picture taken just before entering the gates to 'Lands End'. 100m to go- our families were waiting at the finish line with a banner for us to walk through, ballons tied to them and we could here them cheering us in. Kate and I waving back at them. And we crossed the line; smiling and proud. 1100 miles, self supported, in 48 days. What an incredible moment. Hugging my mum, we didn't want to let go. After many congratulations from our families and my good friends Amanda and Josh who both made the journey down to watch me cross the line- thank you! We walked the final 100m to the sign post, for the official finishing point. Kate and I proudly stood under our sign before asking all of our family to join us.

After the millionth photo we all headed to the 'First mile Inn' a pub famous for pinning all of the End to Enders t-shirts on their pub ceiling. Kate and I wrote on our t-shirts, an adventure summed up as '48 days, 63 blisters and one massive achievement'. Kate and her parents shortly left as they headed to a spa on the East coast of Cornwall for a little luxury. My family stayed sitting in the sunshine enjoying Cornish Rattler and champagne. After a short stagger back to our 'surf shack' we spent the rest of the day in celebration. I was a little worse for ware by 10pm and was gratefully put to bed. 

 What an amazing day. An incredible journey. All in memory of my dad, Carl. Dad you were my inspiration. My family were my motivation. Thank you to everyone who helped Kate and I achieve the goal we set ourselves one year ago; from your daily messages and visits along our trip to sponsorship to our chosen charities. It's been a heart warming experience and I'm touched by all of you who helped us. Thank you.

P.S. I will write my final blog in 7 days as a following up in reflection of our journey.
Thank you to everyone for following the blog for the past two months.

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