Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Day 28; Blonde

We were woken with the treat of tea waiting outside our tent porch... Carol was too sweet! She made us bacon sandwiches for breakfast and packed lunches for later, and we were off. The campsite's donkey rather enthusiasticly wished me good morning as I passed; me, Kate and Emily were travelling 29 miles South towards Dorrington. 

We were making good time and had completed 11 miles by midday- having company with us was always a good distraction from the aches and niggles of walking. Emily then left us at 'Clive' after completing 14 miles and we went on to meet her and Carol in Shrewsbury at our lunch stop. 

In the mean time I was in charge of footpath navigations, and although I didn't get us lost (brownie points for me) I did have to lead us in to a horse field- and then very quicly back out of it again... due to them quickly approaching us and me uttering to Kate 'Kate I am so scared please help me' (at least I can laugh at it now) having to then go back on ourselves for about a mile. 

Then to go on to another field where I felt it was sensible to test an electrical fence by holding on to it for a prolonged period of time- and yes, it was live. At least I was keeping Kate entertained. 

We finally reached Shrewsbury where we said goodbye to Carol and Emily who had both been so generous and supportive (thank you!) and said hello to my two sisters Cheryl and Precious. Precious then walked with us for our final 10 miles (good effort Chunk!). 

After pitching our tent, the four of us went to the only pub in the village for dinner. It was so nice to have them both here- and the pillows that's they brought with them. Treat!

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