Friday, 2 August 2013

Day 20; Senses

At breakfast the hotel owner sponsored us £20 for BHF and Starlight- what a lovely start to our day. 
Today we were heading for Ambleside; starting with a 2 mile incline- the hills were back. We continued through the Lake District (for me, it was the one place I was most excited to go to) having added on a 100 miles or so just to see it, it was difficult for it to live up to my expectations. Sure, there were big lakes in the middle of beautiful hills but after seeing the Lochs of Scotland, it was difficult to really appreciate them. 

We stopped for lunch next to Ulswater Lake; after parting with £8.15 for a prawn sandwich we were heading for what is known as 'The Struggle', a 4 mile, 20% downhill gradient - my knees were going to have a party! 

The winding road that crept up 'Dodd mountain' gave pretty views and once at the top we could see Ambleside- and Windermere Lake, the sun was hazed and it gave such a stunning view. 

As a treat from Melinda, our hotel had a spa- me and Kate had had our bikini's packed since day 1 just for this very night. Swimming pool, jacuzzi, sauna, outdoor hot tub- just bliss! It was perfect. 

That night people were lining the streets of this beautiful town to cheer on runners who where running 105 miles in 40 hours over the peaks- Ambleside was their 89th mile mark- it was just amazing! Such an inspiration!

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